Yoholda Automatic Electric Suction Desktop Phone Holder




  • 【Automatic Electric Suction】No need for a magnetic ring protector, our vacuum suction technology securely holds your electronic devices with airtight, super strong adhesion for stable support
  • 【Long Battery Life】Charge for just 20 minutes and enjoy up to 60 days of use. When the battery is low, the bracket will beep to alert you to charge it with the included Type-C cable
  • 【360° Rotation】Bracket multi-node angle adjustment, equipped with a universal ball joint to rotate 360 degrees, convenient for arbitrary adjustment or rotation for the perfect viewing angle for your device
  • 【Sturdy and Easy to Use】Made of high-hardness aluminum alloy, stronger and stabler; Simply align the back of the device with the electric suction cup, and press to fix it firmly. Press the release button on the side of it to release
  • 【Wide Compatibility】The phone holder is suitable for most smart electronic devices with smooth backfaces, either with or without a case. For air leakage or uneven backfaces, use the included electrostatic film to enhance suction


Important: Buzzer Alarm

When the holder keeps beeping when use, please refer to the following conditions to check:

  • Lack of power to work, please charge in time to avoid device drop;
  • Insufficient compression resulting in incomplete suction, Please remove the device and re-operate again with a bit stronger pressure;
  • Work on an uneven surface, such as bumpy, embossed patterns or logos on the device or case, or the suction cups covered on the edge of the camera lens, etc.. Please reinstall to an even surface, or stick the free electrostatic film to the device to enhance suction


Easy use by One-hand and one-step

  • Align the back of the device with the electric suction cup, and press to fix it firmly.
  • Press the release button on the side of it to release
  • With the 360° rotatable universal ball head, you can adjust the phone to the best position and angle of view, providing you with excellent driving visibility and experience


For air leakage or uneven backface, please stick the free electrostatic film to your device to enhance suction

  1. Apply electrostatic stickers to the device. Remove the protective film of the electrostatic sticker, and stick it to the designated uneven location(such as logo position) you need.

  2. Settle down the device. Squeeze out all air bubbles to ensure the electrostatic sticker is fully attached to the device, align the suction cup with the electrostatic sticker, and press to fix it firmly.

  3. Good to use. The device is suctioned securely onto the stand and is ready to use.

Battery Life: 20 Minutes of Charging for 60 Days Life

Suction Cup Diameter: 5.8 CM / 2.28 INCH

Straightened Length: 24.5 CM / 9.65 INCH




Weight: 520.00g