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Welcome to Yoholda Facility.


Shenzhen Youheda Technology Co., Ltd., aka Shen Zhen Shi You He Da Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si


For Yoholda, We design, develop, and produce core useful facilities, tools, and accessories, for your at-home or outdoor, entertainment hobbies or daily life.


We also represent high-end and high-quality products from different brands and factories. Each product has undergone strict product selection, quality inspection, and market analysis to select high-quality products for every customer.

We would be highly honored if we gained the trust of any customer.

View our products below, and let us know more about your need.

Our Products

Key Categories

Consumer Electronics

By Yoholda
Outdoor Power Supply
Starting at $239/ea

Support Multiple Types of Sockets
Can Charge a Variety of Smart Devices
Rated Power From 300W to 2000W

Vehicle Power Inverter
Starting at $39/ea

Upgrade 600W Power Inverter

Fast Charging

Double protection mechanism

Portable design for journey

Smart Premium Cooling Effect

Solar Panel
Starting at $79/ea

Can be charged with an outdoor power source
Portable, waterproof, widely compatible

Rated Power From 100W to 400W

Consumer Electronics

By Yoholda
Automatic Suction Phone Holder
Starting at $29/ea

Automatic Adsorption, Widely Applicable
One-hand & One-step Operation
Wireless Charging

Carplay for Tesla Model 3 & Y
Starting at $129/ea

Second booting with the large screen at same time

Once open the door, the instrument LCD ready to work

Flash Light Mount
Starting at $9.9/ea

Adjustable Clips

Strong Magnets

Easy Adjustment

3D Printer Parts 3D打印机配件

Hotend for 3D Printers
Starting at $37.99/ea

Rapid Heating
High Flow Printing       
300°C High Temperature Resistance
Easy to Install

Sprite Extrusion Hotend
Starting at $29/ea

Ceramic Heating Ring
50 Seconds Rapid Heat Conduction
Light and Small

3D Printer Enclosure
Starting at $89/ea

More Luxurious

Constant Temperature Printing and Noise Reduce

Dust Proof

Quick Installation and Use

More hot categories and qualified products are coming. 

If you want to know about an item that is not listed, please leave us a message; we will contact you soon.

— Yoholda Owner